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Twitter has taken the social media universe to a whole new level however, it requires a lot of attention to gain benefits for social media optimization for social media management. If you do not pay attention to your twitter account every day you may lose followers because your TWEETS have gone stale. So what do you do if you're not always able to tweet every day, or if you want to keep your followers happy while you are on vacation or doing something else to grow your business! Our calendar based twitter scheduling system takes the pain out of being chained to your desk to maintain your twitter account.

Some of the benefits using our Twitter posts scheduler

  • Saves you time and money managing your social media campaigns
  • Saves money by not having to hire an expensive social media manager.
  • Schedule tweets, days, months and even years in advance.
  • Keeps your Twitter followers interested in your Twitter profile.
  • Its easy to use and takes minutes to set up an automated campaign