Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal will convert an Internet connection into an effective payment gateway allowing credit card transactions. It's the online version of the hardware terminal found in all retail locations.

Processing Payments 24/7 365 days a year!

You will no longer need Bulky, Out Dated, Ugly POS (Point of Sale Systems) with a separate phone line to process your transactions. As Long as you have a computer, tablet or internet enabled device payments can be processed through the online gateway!

Clients can utilize the Virtual Terminal to deposit checks by entering in the information like a credit card. They'll also be able to process payments with customers in person, via mail/telephone order, and in an Ecommerce setting.

Saves Money

A Virtual Terminal Online Payment Gateway is an extremely cost-effective system that's secure and fast. No matter what size business you have, you get access to the Terminal anytime without extra fees.

Increase revenue

Your businesses will be able to accept a full range of payment types in addition to handling recurring (e.g. monthly subscriptions) and installment payments. Process real-time payments or schedule ahead for automatic payments too!

Secure Payments

The Payment Gateway is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliance Level 1 which means your system will be secure and your customers can trust you with their card information. We handle everything so you don't need to worry.

Save on Every Swipe